Head Instructor, owner and operator

Kris Douglas

Purple Belt under Nick Braley, Kris teaches kids, teen and adult classes, makes sure there is enough toilet paper, water, cups and washes a lot of borrowed uniforms! 

Adult Instructor

Aaron Sprague

Purple Belt under Luis Heredia of Maui Jiu-Jitsu Acadamy, Aaron ensures that everyone is up to date on the cutting edge of the sport. Aaron travels and trains at the best gyms in the world and brings back his techniques and knowledge for us!

Adult and Kids Instructor

Gregory Noble

Blue Belt under Nick Braley, Greg teaches kids class and a beginner adult class. He also makes sure Kris keeps his cool when the kids are going crazy. ;-)

Self Defense and Striking Instructor 

Michael Garrity

With over 8 years of Aikido, striking, karate and weapons self defense Mike adds a high energy style of self defense and realism to the gym that replicates street fighting and puts the student in high stress situations. 

Kickboxing Instructor

Leeman Hodgdon

10 years of martial arts training focusing on western style kickboxing and Muay Thai kickboxing. Has traveled to Thailand to train with high level Muay Thai fighters and also trained with several local MMA fighters. Has a physical education degree from UMPI and has coached for many years at Tremont grammar school.