Our story

Acadia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was founded in September, 2012 in Ellsworth, Maine by Port City BJJ (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) brown belt, Nicholas Braley. After a year of the gym being open, the kids class had begun and was thriving and many of the kids from the first group still train to this day. We are now at our third and largest location with 1,000 sq. ft of mat space. 

Nick Braley (photo credit, Megan Braley)

Nick Braley (photo credit, Megan Braley)

Ever the journeyman, Nick became restless and as soon as he felt the gym was in good hands, he allowed his purple belt Kris Douglas to take over as the owner of the gym. This allowed Nick the freedom to travel and train in different locations in order to bring back the best Jiu Jitsu that he could. When Nick felt that the time was right, and that they gym was in the best shape that it could be, he moved back to New Hampshire to seek out the hallowed black belt, which he received in January, 2018, eleven years after starting his journey. He continues to live and train in Nashua, New Hampshire and maintains a great relationship and friendship with the gym that he loved and founded. 

Mike Pellegrino

Before Nick left, he facilitated the gym to become officially affiliated by Mass BJJ-Arlington Third Degree Black Belt and head instructor, Mike Pellegrino who maintains a close relationship with Kris and visits the gym multiple times per year, to ensure training is top notch.